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Friday, January 2, 2009

Fast Facts About Liger - The New Animal

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Ligers are truly the king of the beasts! Here are some fast facts about ligers - the news animal:

  • The Liger is a hybrid cross between a male lion and a female tiger... (Not a female lion and a male tiger).
  • Although Siberian Tiger is the largest pure bred Taxon, Ligers are the largest cat on the Earth.
  • Ligers resemble more of a tiger with diffused stripes.
  • Researches have shown that Ligers are fond of Chocolates more than cherrypie
  • Ligers got laser eyes, because thay have sharigan .
  • Nature of ligers are unique. It recieved some characteristics from tigers, and some from lions. unlike lions, but like tigers, ligers enjoy swimming.
  • A few sources said that ligers' favorite colors are green and blue, although there are tonnes of disputes about this conclussions.
  • Ligers are water resistant up to 6".
  • According to a report laid down in the 1989, ligers are 104% more exciting than dogs.
  • A liger's ton boots have steel toe caps, which enable them to shank lesser creatures (e.g. lions and tigers). The boots can only be removed by another liger standing on their heels.
  • On clamping their jaws onto victims Ligers can exert up to 71,238N of force, which is more than any other known animal ever existed on the Earth till date.
  • Records of the iorigin of Ligers shows that the animsl actually originated in Ligeria, now know as Liberia.
  • Ligers are hardly found in the wild because the lions and tigers usually do not share the common geographical area, although rare reports have been found of tigresses mating with lions in wild.
  • In fact, tigers were forced into the ranges inhabited by the Asiatic Lion, which is a subspecies of lion.
  • In the year1935, four ligers from two different litters were reared in the Zoological Gardens of BloemfonteinBloemfontein, South Africa. Amongst them, one male and two females, were still living in 1953. The male liger weighed 750 lb. and stood 1 ft. 6 inches taller at the shoulder than a adult male lion.
  • Shasta, a ligress (female liger) was born at the Hogle Zoo in Salt Lake City on May 14, 1948. She died in 1972, when she was 24 years old.
  • Evidence of an 18-years-old male liger, weighing 798-kg living at Bloemfontein zoological gardens, South Africa, in 1888, wre found in the 1973 Guinness world records.
  • Valley of the Kings animal sanctuary in Wisconsin reared "Nook" was a male liger, who weighed around 550 kg. Nook passed away in 2007, at 21 years old.
  • Association of Zoos and Aquariums has always frowned on mixing genes of two different species. They have never bred ligers.
  • Jane Ballentine, a spokesperson for the American Zoo and Aquarium Association, based in Silver Spring, Maryland, said: "Keeping the two species separate has always been standard procedure..."
  • There's no official scientific name for Ligers, because ligers are hybrid creatures.
  • Despite its huge size and incredibly heavy body weight, Ligers can run at a speed of 50 miles per hour.
  • A full grown adult Liger can eat around 50-100 pounds of meat at one meal.
  • The huge size of the ligers are the result of imprinted genes.
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  1. nice facts but i need when and how made and discovered thm

  2. They are even bigger than the average big cat

  3. do they reproduse


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