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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Critically Endangered Gorilla Rescued

Critically Endangered Gorilla Rescued and Illegal Gorilla Trading Caught

Danger of extinction has hit every single species on the planet! The conservationists have done a great job by releasing a pack of 6 orphaned gorillas (three males and three females) in Gabon on an isolated African island called Lagoon island near Loango National Park. These gorillas have been declared to be critically endangered species and the conservationists are planning to move the gorillas into wider wild zone within three years so that can regain their population.

This is a part of reintroduction program carried out by the non-profit organization Fernan-Vaz Gorilla Project that re-habilitates orphaned Western Lowland gorillas. These gorillas have been rescued from the illegal trade they are all juveniles ranging between 2 to 7 years of age. Dr. Nick Bachand the vet had anesthetized the gorillas for the boat ride and later before they were released on the Lagoon Island, they had thorough health check up. The next morning was the delightful day for them. The drug action had worn off and they were seen exploring the Island happily!

According to the researchers, habitat destruction and illegal trading have been decreasing the Western lowland gorilla population and current they are threatened by extinction. Ebola virus is another big menace to their existence. These gorilla babies had undergone extensive forest rehabilitation and have been closely monitored.

Check out the video clip

Fernan-Vaz Gorilla Project;
Videography: Fleur van der Minne
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