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Friday, November 13, 2009

Gruesome Act of Mass Killing of Dolphins - Stop Cruelty to Animals

animal cruelty preventionShame on Denmark

On October 11, 2005 a review was published titled “Outraged at animal cruelty” in The Sun, where from all corners of the globe had inundated with their noble thoughts of imposing legal penalties to the people involved in the act of animal cruelty. Individuals and organizations from many countries had raised their voice for against animal cruelty and for “tougher punishment for the sick thugs who cause pain to animals.” Denmark was one of those countries to come up with big thoughts against animal cruelty. My post is going to be shockingly painful for animal lovers and for people who mind to spare little thoughts for the endangered species at the end of the day.

Denmark is a real big shame! When life on the planet is facing the menace of being extinction due to years of human activities of killing tress and animals, when governments have spared serious thoughts on saving the endangered species through special prevention programs, when petitions are signed everyday to support tougher sentences for animal cruelty, when every single moment an organization is cropping up to work to support the sustainable policies for the co-existence of all marine species, callous Danish peeps have turned out to be brutal bloody slaughters! Their inhuman acts of mass killing of Calderon dolphins (that have long been exposed to the risk of extinction) have turned the sea red. It’s no more a secret that this happens as a big event in the Feroe Island, Denmark. The major part of the population that participates in this insane inhuman sport each year comprises of youngsters chiefly! They do this to express entertaining adulthood. I just cannot imagine that a country (one most important pocket of the European Union), with supposedly civilized citizens can be so mentally sick! Funny thing is that the government doesn’t take any penal action to prevent such bullish barbarism committed towards mass killing of life – a species that has been marked endangered. I am sorry, but I cannot categorize this under festivity but criminal offense.

The Faroese consider this inhuman act of killing innocent dolphins to be an important part of their cultural background. The Faroese legislation permits the killing of certain species of small cetaceans other than pilot whales, such Bottlenose dolphins, Atlantic white-beaked dolphins, Atlantic white-sided dolphins, Harbour porpoises, although there exists specific regulations for the hunting of harbour porpoises that are killed with shotguns. Animal-rights groups have criticized the hunt as being a cruel act just for fun.

My request to insane Danish government officials - Educate yourself, educate your people about the plight of these harmless, innocent animals. I am sure you can make a difference. All the best!

I would request me readers to place their thoughts through comments to support prevention of cruelty to animals.

Watch out these gruesome pics:

animal cruelty preventionanimal cruelty preventionanimal cruelty preventionanimal cruelty preventionanimal cruelty preventionanimal cruelty preventionanimal cruelty preventionanimal cruelty prevention
Stop cruelty to animals please.
Live and Let Live
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