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Friday, July 23, 2010

Sasha the Wonder dog

Here is another big news of animal surrogacy. Well, it cannot be called purely surrogacy, I have used the word deliberately, as I hardly find any difference in mothers carrying others’ fetus in their womb and those who do not exactly do that, but give other’s babies a new horizon of life! It’s not about Jasmine - the greyhound this time, but a Rottweiler, Sasha who saved the life of a new born abandoned piglet. Yes, a newly born piglet, who had been abandoned by its mum found her life and a new world, while snuggling down with Sasha and her black-tan puppies. Sasha is indeed a good dog, but more than that she is a great as a mum – a Godmother!

The incidence happened in the farm house of Heidi Rhiann, of Pont Llogel, near Llanfyllin. The Belgian Blue piglet, named Apple Sauce had been abandoned by its mum as a the runt in the litter of 13 piglets. Sasha has changed the way we have been looking into the breed. Rottweilers have earned a great deal of bad fame as being one of the most dangerous dog breed in the world. Some governments have banned keeping Rottweilers. But Sasha has proved things wrong!

Apple sauce was in danger of kissing the dust when her mother rejected her. It’s life was to be decided by Rhiann. She thought Sasha her dog might take on the maternal duties for Apple Sauce, though she wasn’t sure. As a last resort, pig breeder Ms Rhiann was stuck by shrieking surprise to see Apple Sauce was suckling. Sasha, her puppies and Apple Sauce have formed an unlikely bond. Rhiann said, "It was the last chance for the piglet.I wrapped Apple Sauce in a blanket the puppies had been on to try and transfer the scent and left her next to Sasha…. about an hour later I went to see how they were getting along and Apple Sauce was suckling." She also said that the first-time mum Sasha, an 18-month-old, 45-kilo Rottweiler, had been a wonderful mother to Apple Sauce. Said said, Apple Sauce was skin and bone when I handed her over to Sasha and now she's gaining weight and starting to fatten up … Apple Sauce has a poorly trotter at the moment and Sasha knows this and is trying to lick it better. She instinctively knows Apple Sauce isn't in perfect health. We feed Apple Sauce with some supplementary feed and Sasha gives a concerned whine when we pick her up, as much as to say 'what are you doing with my puppy?'."
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