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Sunday, October 30, 2011

National Geographic’s Big Cats Initiative

This Haloween reveals scopes for kids to cause an uproar with National Geographic’s Big Cats initiative

Howdy buddies? Here’s an interesting information that you are going to surely like – especially if you are an animal lover. Halloween is right here and people – especially kids have already gone gaga over their most favorite Halloween activity – trick-or-treating! Yes… And guess what? National Geographic has invited families to help through every kid’s favorite Halloween activity – trick-or-treating by the way of Trick-or-Treating for our favorite animal – the Big Cats. This is really an appreciably step towards a good cause, where kids can cause an uproar by collecting change with their candy to save these incredible animals.

National Geographic's Bog Cat Initiative on Halloween 2011
You can get to know more about the initiative at www.causeanuproar.org, which is currently redirected to http://animals.nationalgeographic.com/animals/big-cats/. Here you can get special treat boxes, find big cat facts, cat-o-lantern instructions and so much more that can make this Halloween 2011 an ever memorable episode of your life! Kids, who love animals, have been revealed with opportunities to cause an uproar with National Geographic’s Big Cats initiative.

Big cats are disappearing at a fast pace. And it’s now the time to act for all of us on the Earth, including our kids. What better than Halloween that National Geographic could have chosen to help kids to help spread awareness for the planet’s one of the loveliest creatures - big cats? There’s no better way than this that could have been selected to spread the word about the plight of big cats. You can find adorable resources for Trick-or-Treat here
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  1. Great news. Kids should be involved this way. we appreciated National Geographic's step in this regard.


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