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Friday, November 2, 2012

Non-Abusive Dog Bark Collar

Does your dog bark up a storm each time he finds other animal passing by? First off... it is your fault because you have not been able to socialize your dog to different situations, sounds and sights. However, the non-abusive dog bark collar has come up with a solution and acts as one of the most effective Temperament Teaching System. It is a simple device that works on sound impact sensor for detecting the sound vibration of the bark of the dog that wears the collar. This device has been designed to address the mad barking behavior of individual dog.

The device works in three simple phases:

  • First – It detects the sound sound vibration of the dog's bark, as soon as the dog that wears the collar bark.
  • Second – As soon as the sensor detects the vibration, it delivers a corrective ultrasonic beep that is perceived by the dog in question
  • Third - The dog stops barking as soon as the dog hears the irritating ultrasonic sound

Following phases are used by the trainers to teach the dog to bark or to stop barking on command. The trainer knows that the dog is going to stop barking, because the dog bark collar is worn round his neck. So, as soon as the dog starts barking, deliver a command 'NO' (which acts as the corrective command as the ultrasonic sound) firmly and the dog will stop barking – not because of your command but because the device's corrective beep. Once your dog stops barking reward him with his favorite tidbits and praise him lavishly. This lets him know that it pleases when he stops barking and he gets the reward. Repetitive practices with consistency will eventually correct the bad barking behavior.

More information about dog bark collar can be found at http://www.dogbarkcollar.com.
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