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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Save our Tigers

This post is made to support the petition, "save our tigers". Now the time has come for all hunters and animal lovers to come together for a common cause to save our tigers. Just 1411 tigers are left in India and as fewer as 350 are counting their days in the Mekong River region of Asia! The tiger population all over the world has slashed down at a shockingly alarming rate.

Nearly a century ago there were some 40,000 tigers that ruled the Indian subcontinent, said WWF. Poaching, wanton destruction of the natural habitat of the tigers and hunting of their natural prey are some of the major causes of the dire situation that threatens the existence of tigers across the globe today. But who doesn't know these things? What's the point of simply blogging and spreading awareness. I am sure such awareness programs will never work. Why? Because, everyone - every educated person across the world is quite aware of this threatening situation. We all know what is happening. We all know why tiger population has shrunk down so fast all over the world. I'm sure whoever is reading this post knows everything. So no point shouting about "Save our Tigers" across the web. Its a game that governments can only come up with an end. Here are just a few questions that I would like to be answered...
  • How many tiger traders were caught in the past 10 years?
  • How many tiger hunters have been hung to death in the past 10 years?
  • How many tree traders have been put behind the bar in the past 10 years?
  • If they can kill tigers, why cannot the security force kill them?
  • What steps have been taken against the paralyzed security system?
  • Why is it that in just 10 decades the tiger population in India has come down from 40,000 to 1411 despite spending so much time and money on of spreading awareness?
  • Why is it that even after knowing everything tigers in China are in the verge of extinction?
endangered animalsIf just shouting and blogging for the prevention of tigers would have been worthy enough, their wouldn't have questions for law, security and punishments! I would love to blog on Save Our Tigers all year round if it could be a real solution. Years are passing by without any remarkable changes in the conditions that are causing the tiger population shrink down at high pace.

Why despite of such awareness programs tigers and many other species are getting extinct?

This is not something that general mass can solve simply by spreading awareness on something that people are already aware of. Governments have to be more proactive and must change the way they have been looking to it. Laws and securities must be stronger and should not be just to know, but to implement too! Punishment.... if they can kill tigers, they MUST be killed too.
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