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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Tiger Year 2010 : Save the Tigers

Save Our Tigers

If you are an animal lover, you are on the right blog that talks about animals, prevention of cruelty to animals and any kind of information about animals. With the fall of 2010, the tiger year, the news about their existence has been so bad that it brought in wrinkles between our eyebrows!

There had been as many as 8 distinctive subspecies of tigers that could be found across the globe. Unfortunately three of them have already become extinct, and amongst the rest one is certain to become so within a short spell of time. Their range of existence used to be several pocket on the planet including Siberia, Russia, Iran, Afghanistan, China, India and southeast Asia, including the Indonesian islands. Sadly today, their population is severely on the wane, and just 1411 is left.

Better late than never. We still have time to spare thoughts over this. We can still do something to prevent tigers from going to museum and in the pages of history. If dogs can do, why can't we??? But my question is "what?" What can we really do? How? Will just spreading awareness work?

Stay tuned... I will share my serious thoughts.
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