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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Brookesia Micra - World's Tiniest Chameleon Discovered

The photograph was shot by Frank Glaw; all credit to the photograph of this world's tiniest chameleon breed goes to Mr. Glaw.

Unmatched among the chameleon species, Brookesia micra (B. micra), the planet's smallest chameleon species was discovered on the African island country, Madagascar. The flora and fauna of Madagascar have been evolved into some really weirdest styles, amd structures. Where else on this planet, other than Madagascar, can you find over 70 distinctives types of lemur? It is this place that you can find a variety of Lemur one that calls like a siren of the cops' vehicle. World's largest chameleon h\was discovered here at Madagascar, and yet this is another weirdest off all discoveries - the world’s smallest chameleon, Brookesia micra that has an average length, of little over an inch. With a length of around 2.9 centimeters from snout to tail, the Brookesia micra is considered as the world's tiniest reptile ever discovered. It is so tiny that it can just perch on the tip of a match stick at ease.

According to the researchers this unusually small new species of chameleon indicates the extreme cases dwarfism on this island. Researchers think that the organisms here at this African island country of Madagascar have shrunk in dimension due to lack of resources on this place. According to the study leader Frank Glaw of Germany's Zoological State Collection said in a statement, "the extreme miniaturization of these dwarf reptiles might be accompanied by numerous specializations of the body plan, and this constitutes a promising field for future research."

While discussing more about this amazing creature, Glaw said said that it is not an easy task to find them. He said, for such a tiny reptile, "up into the branches" means just a 4 inches off the ground, shich makes it really unnoticeable. "However, once spotted, the tiny lizards aren't tough to catch," Glaw said. He added, "They are sleeping and you can just pick them up. It's like picking a strawberry. They do not move at all at night."
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