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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Rare Limlebless Amphibian Discovered:

National Geographic titled this news as "Disarming Discovery". Researchers have discovered a not-seen-before limbless amphibians that resemble much a worm or a snake, which they actually aren't. The photograph was shot by S.D. Biju, showing the soil-burrowing, limbless amphibians guarding a brood of eggs. This discovery has opened up a new horizon, as this creature is totally new to the science, according to the studies. This newly found animal represents an entirely new amphibians—family (that was not documented by science so far) and acts as the next very vital chapter in genetics and species. According to findings announced today by the journal Proceedings of the Royal Society B. this discovery is the next major level up in genus and species in the scientific naming conventions.
 It's native is northeastern India. The worm-like creature is one of the 6 potentially new species that belongs to a mysterious group of animals falling under "Caecilians" family - Christened Chikilidae ("Chikila" is the name for caecilians, give by the local tribes). Interestingly, Caecilians' closest relatives live over 7,000 miles away from India, in the tropical Africa, according to a report delivered by the research team.
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